Quizzes is accessible from the course home page by clicking the Quizzes link located on the Course Navbar as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Taking quiz
  1. Click Quizzes link located on the course homepage.
  2. Choose the active quiz you wish to take.
  3. Read instruction and Click Start Quiz.
  4. Alert window will appear. Click OK to confirm to take a quiz or else click Cancel.
  5. You may take the quiz. Use buttons to move forward or to move backward.
  6. Note: Save answer to each question after attempting it. Notice the icons ( ) below the question numbers in the left hand side of the quiz turns bold after you have saved answer to that question.
  1. When you are done taking quiz Click on .
  2. Click on .
    Note: D2l will prompt for re-confirmation of the quiz submission along with warnings if you have missed to answer any question
  3. An alert window will appear, click OK to confirm or else Cancel to get back to the quiz.


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