The Content can be accessible from the course home page by clicking the content link located on the Course Navbar as shown in the Figure 1. Materials for the course are posted in the content area.

Figure 1

Accessing content:
  1. Click the content link (refer to Figure 1) located on the Course Navbar to enter the content, you will be able to view the material (content matter) of the Course content.
  2. The left hand side it will display the modules, with the title of the lesson, chapter, topic or unit. Clicking on the title will let you view the full content of that topic.
Search Content:
  1. Click Content on the Course Navbar
  2. Click the link located on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Type the keyword on the box beside the Search.
  4. Click Search Button.

Selectively Print Content
  1. Click Content located on the Course Navbar.
  2. Click the link located on the right area of the page.
  3. Check the boxes besides the documents that you want to be printed.
  4. Click on the View button to preview. A new window will popup with the content in the printable format.
  5. If you are satisfied, you may print by choosing File>Print from the menu bar.
Utilizing the Topic Toolbar

Topic toolbar can be accessed by clicking on the content, then opening the topic. You can view the topic toolbar as shown on Figure 2.

Figure 2

Show/hide table of contents: If you want the larger area for the content to be displayed you can hide the table of contents on the left side. You make it appear again by clicking the icon show/hide table of contents.
Undock this topic: It will open the topic document in a new window.

Discuss topic: It will show if the topic is related to discussion forum.
Give Feedback: It will display the feedback window to rate the topic and add comments. Once you are done you may submit by clicking Submit button and click Close Window.

It will mark the document to be retrieved for future purpose. The bookmarked document can be accessed through the link bookmarked on the course Home page.
Note: Instructors of the course must have this option turned on in order for the bookmarks to show up on the course Home page.

Print: It will send the current open document to print.
Previous Topic: It will help to navigate the previous topic.
Next Topic: It will help to navigate the next topic.


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