The Quiz tool is very useful for setting up the online Quizzes and Examinations.  Some of the major features related to the Quiz tool are listed below:

  • Create New Quiz
  • Quiz List, Reorder, Delete and Preview Quizzes
  • Course Statistics
  • Question Library

Figure 1

Creating New Quiz

To create a new Quiz follow the steps below:

  1. When you are at the Course Home, Click the Quizzes link located on the course navigation bar.
  2. Click the New Quiz icon to create a new quiz. You are brought to a screen with tabs: Properties, Restrictions, Attempts, Submission Views, and Layout/Questions. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2

  1. Properties Tab (Figure 2)
    1. Enter the Name of the Quiz in the Name field
    2. If you want the quiz to be under an already existing category, Select the desired option from the Drop down box. However, if you want to create a new category, Click on Add Category.
    3. If you would like the quiz to be linked with the Grades, choose the Grade Item from the Drop down box, or you may add a new grade item by clicking on the link Add Grade Item.
      Note: If you are associating the quiz to a grade item, you can choose to automatically export to the grades by checking the box below to it.
    4. Check the box beside Score to allow the students to view their score immediately after completion.
    5. Optional Advanced Properties

    6. Check the box beside Hints if you want to allow hints.
    7. Put down your email address besides Notification Email box if you want to be notified if any student completes a quiz attempt
    8. You can disable printing/Right click and Pager Access by clicking on the check box next to it.
    9. If you want to add a general description of the quiz enter it in the Description text box.  The Description will be displayed before the quiz is available.
    10. You may type an Introduction Message for the Quiz in the text box provided.  The introduction message is displayed at the start of the quiz.
    11. Similarly Page Header and Page Footer for the quiz can be added in the text area provided and can be displayed to students or hidden be turning the message box on or off

Figure 3

  1. Restrictions Tab (Figure 3)
    1. Click the Restrictions Tab.
    2. Set the Status of the quiz by choosing from the drop down box.
      1. Active - Students will be able to see the quiz and will be able to take the quiz according to dates set.
      2. Inactive - Students will not be able to see or take the quiz even if attempting to during set dates.
    3. To administer special access to the quiz check the box next to restrict to those with special access, you can then decide to whom and when the quiz is allowed to take.
    4. Set up Start Date and End Date for the Quiz to specify the quiz beginning date and closing date. (These are optional)
    5. Additional Release Conditions - Click Add Existing to create a requirement that a student must complete before being able to take a quiz .
    6. You can set Advanced Restrictions by click on the link which will prompt you to set up a password that will restrict students to attempt the quiz
    7. Set the Time Limit for the quiz by entering a number in the box provided. You have options to enforce the time limit and to display a clock to the students.  Enable these options by placing a check in the boxes labeled Enforce and show clock.
    8. Set the grace period, this is the amount of time after the quiz Time Limit has been exceeded, before the quiz is marked late.  You can also enforce the late limit for the quiz submission by using the dropdown menu provided.
    9. You can give special permissions to some students of your course by clicking the Add icon.  You are presented with a window containing the following options; Start Date, End Date, Time Limit, Grace Period, and Late Limit.  Set these options as you did in the previous steps.  Place a check in the box next to each of the students names who should receive special access.
    10. Click the Save button.

Figure 4

  1. Attempts Tab (Figure 4)
    1. Click the Attempts tab.
    2. If you want to permit the students to take the quiz more than once, choose the number of Attempts Allowed from the drop down box.
    3. Choose the Overall Grade Calculation method from the drop down box.

Figure 5

  1. Submission Views Tab (Figure 5)
    1. Click the Submission Views tab.
    2. If you want to change the default message after the quiz is submitted, then type the message in the Message text box. You may use HTML by checking the box beside in HTML.
    3. Choose how you would like to display user responses. Check the box beside show Question Answers if you want the correct quiz answers displayed to the student.
    4. To display the class average or the score distribution check the box besides Show Class Average or Show Score Distribution, under Statistics.
    5. If you want an additional report to be printed, click the Add Additional View button. Here you may add any supplementary information such as the Date to release the report, Message, User Answer's, and Statistics.

Figure 6

  1. Layout/Questions Tab (Figure 6)
    1. Click the Layout/Questions tab.
    2. Click the Add/Edit Questions button.
    3. If you have not created questions in the question library refer to the  Question Library and Question Type sections of this tutorial for instruction on how to create questions. 
      Note: the Question Library in the D2L Quiz area is separate from the Question Library in the  Survey area.
    4. If you have already created questions in the question library click the Import icon.
    5. Choose the Import Source, Collection Source and Source Section you wish the quizzes to be imported from.
    6. Select the questions you want to import by placing a check in the box next to their name.
    7. Click the Save Button.
    8. Click the link Back to Quizzing Layout/Questions
    9. Put the number in the box to designate the number of questions to be displayed per page and click Go
      Automatically place questions per page
      Note: Page breaks between the questions are represented by a horizontal blue line.
    10. You may edit the value of each question by clicking the Edit Values button and entering the desired values in the provided text boxes.
    11. You may also create quiz questions one at a time by selecting the question type from Create New Drop box option which will display question category list.
    12. Select the question type.
    13. Enter the questions and answers to the form and then save it to add the question to the quiz
    14. You can change the order of the quiz questions by clicking on Order button and move questions up or down.
    15. You can move a question to a different category or delete it by selecting the question by checking the box next to it and then clicking the appropriate button
  2. After completion, Click the Save Quiz button to save the quiz you just created.


List Quiz
  • You may view the list of Quizzes by simply clicking on the  Quiz List icon.  All active and inactive quizzes will be displayed under their respective categories.
  • You can change the listings view depending upon Availability or Category by selecting from the drop box next to view option.
  • On the right hand side of every quiz will have options for Previewing , Grading and Quiz Statistics


Copy Quiz
  1. If you want to copy the quiz that already exists, Click the Copy Quiz icon. 
  2. Select the Quiz to copy from the Drop Down menu box.
  3. Type a New Quiz Name in the text box. 
  4. Select the New Quiz Status from the drop down box.
  5. Click the Create Copy button.
Reorder Quizzes
  1. If you want to change the display order of the current Quiz List , click the Reorder Quiz icon.
  2.  Select the Quiz you want to move and Use the Up and Down arrows to move.
  3. Click the Save button.
Delete Quizzes
  1. If you want to delete a Quiz, click the Delete Quiz icon.
  2.   Select the quiz you want to delete and click the Delete Selected button.
Grade Quizzes

Follow the steps below to grade the Quizzes manually:

  1. Click the Quizzes link located on the course navigation bar.
  2. Click the  Grade Quiz icon beside the quiz that you want to grade.
  3. Click on Attempts or Questions  tab if you want to see the attempts made by the students or the response statistics of different questions respectively.
    Note: In the Attempts view, you can choose to view the student list based upon their groups or attempts made.
                You can restrict the grading list based on completion dates of the quizzes.

Figure 7

  1. Check the Allow Reset  box if you want to override the score. A reset icon will appear at the right hand side of each attempted quiz.
  2. Click on the icon to remove the attempted quiz. This will allow the student to re-take the quiz.
  3. Click on the Attempt Number link below the student that you want to grade.
    Note: The student's quiz will be displayed with a green checkmark indicating a correct answer and a red X indicating an incorrect answer.
  4. If you would like to overwrite  the score for an individual question do so by changing the value in the Score box.
  5. If you want,  you can add feedback for each answer by  clicking the Add Feedback icon.
  6. Click the Recalculate button at the beginning of the quiz so your changes are represented in the quiz score.
    Note: If you the quiz to be automatically graded. Click Auto-Grade button next to Recalculate.
  7. Click the  Save Results icon.




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